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Meet Dappled Tonic, the Pacific Northwest’s first craft tonic water.

From the cradle of craft beverage comes this line of flavorful local tonic water, made by Oregon distillers with our spirits and your cocktails in mind. Our flavors are a complete non-alcoholic mocktail or are easily paired with the West Coast’s robust distillations. 

“Dappled Tonic celebrates the delicate interplay of light and shadow, bitter and sweet, as well as the harmonious blend of highs and lows. Enjoy over ice or paired with your favorite spirit.”

The Dappled Team

All Oregonian,

All experts in Food and Beverage, and


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Dappled Tonic is produced and canned at Calapooia Brewing in Albany Oregon. 

Sustainability Statement

Our commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our operations. As a local company, we recognize our responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing efficiency. One of our key sustainability efforts involves utilizing existing equipment and staff to produce Dappled Tonic, stretching those resources and bolstering an existing business. We also chose to package in digitally printed aluminum cans.

By opting for aluminum cans, we reduce the weight of our shipments, leading to lower transportation emissions compared to our global competitors. Additionally, aluminum boasts one of the highest rates of recyclability, allowing us to continue the closed-loop system that makes it one of the most sustainable packaging solutions available.

Through these initiatives, we not only prioritize environmental stewardship but also contribute to the local economy by optimizing our resources and supporting local businesses. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products; it's a reflection of our values and our dedication to creating a better, more environmentally conscious future for all.

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